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Volunteer stories

Our volunteers generously give their time to help people affected by crime in South Yorkshire and Humberside.

Read about some of their experiences below.

Julia’s story

I’m from Barnsley and I’ve been volunteering for Victim Support for six years  I started volunteering because I wanted to help people who had experienced crime to get the support and information they needed. 

When I first joined I completed four days of training and learned a huge amount about how to listen to people and talk to people  The training gave me some real skills I could use to support people in my role.

I get great support from staff and know who to talk to if I need any help.  Volunteer meetings are a great time for us volunteers to get together and find out about any changes, get updates and talk about our own experiences of volunteering.

I like that the volunteering I do is seen as a professional role.  I know what is expected of me and I know what to expect from Victim Support. 

I’ve met some great people and learned some brilliant skills.  If you’re thinking about volunteering but aren’t sure if it’s right for you, just get in touch and ask!

Mark’s story

I’m a student at college and enjoy being able to learn new skills. Volunteering gives me some great experience for when I start work.

Sue’s story

I retired a few years ago but still wanted to do something similar to my job.  I do a set afternoon every week and go into the local office. I really enjoy the work, it keeps me thinking and using my skills.

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