Anti Social Behaviour

Antisocial behavior can take many forms and includes things like:

  • noise nuisance
  • neighbour disputes
  • verbal abuse
  • threatening behaviour
  • harassment and intimidation
  • vandalism and criminal damage

Antisocial behaviour can go on for a long time and sometimes it can get serious. What may seem like small incidents can sometimes escalate and it’s important to get support if things get too much. You may not know where to turn if this is happening to you, but we're here for you. If you need help, you can contact us regardless of whether or not you’ve reported it to the police.

To find out what other organisations are available in your area, see below.


Victim Support Anti Social Behaviour Advocate, Brett Rutty 01482 305082

Hull City Council. Reporting and information.

East Riding

East Riding Council. Reporting and information.

North Lincolnshire

North Lincolnshire Council. Reporting and information.

North East Lincolnshire

Safer North East Lincolnshire. Reporting and information.


Barnsley Council. Reporting and information.


Doncaster Council. Reporting and information.


Rotherham Council. Reporting and information.


Sheffield City Council. Reporting and information.

Community Triggers

A Community Trigger allows someone to request a review of their antisocial behaviour case, to ensure that a group of agencies have provided an appropriate response to the reports. The Community Trigger is designed to ensure that agencies work together to investigate how your case was dealt with. They do this by talking about the problem, sharing information where required and acting together to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

Click here for information from South Yorkshire Police about anti social behaviour and community triggers.

Click here for information from Humberside Police about anti social beahviour and community triggers.

Other Organisations

ASB Help. A website offering information on all types of anti social behavour.

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