My Support Space

My Support Space is an online resource designed to help victims move forward from their experience of crime — at their own pace. It:

  • is a free, safe, secure and confidential space
  • has a range of tools to help you to cope
  • allows you to track your progress through the interactive support guides
  • gives you the choice of how you want to be supported after crime.

When you register for an account with My Support Space you’ll be able to:

✔️ access interactive support guides
✔️ track your progress
✔️ create an online diary
✔️ request direct support if you want it
✔️ find other useful resources.

What kind of guides can you find?

We have guides on different crime types, such as romance fraud, antisocial behaviour, hate crime and social media harassment. We also have information on wellbeing including trauma, difficult emotions, talking to others and sleep.

If it’s information you’re after, we also have guides on your rights as a victim, Criminal Injuries Compensation and Restorative Justice.

There are many more guides to choose from and as it’s online, you can access it anytime you need to. Find out more and sign up at

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