Victims’ Code

All victims of crime have the right to receive information and services from the police, courts and criminal justice agencies. The ‘code of practice for victims’ sets out the key rights and entitlements for victims.

​Your key rights include:

Progress updates

You have the right to information about the progress of your case from the police, including being told when a suspect is arrested, charged, bailed or sentenced. You should also be informed when an offender is due to be released if they have been sentenced for a year or more for a sexual or violent offence.

Giving evidence at court

If you’re a vulnerable witness, intimidated, or a child or young person, you can apply for extra help called ‘special measures’ when you give evidence in court.


You have the right to apply for compensation for some crimes.

Victim Personal Statement

You’re entitled to make a Victim Personal Statement to explain the impact the crime has had on you, and to have it read out in court, with the permission of the court. You also have the right to information about a decision not to prosecute and can ask for a review of the decision.

Support services

You’re entitled to access support services, like Victim Support, that can help you cope and recover from the impact of crime.

Useful resources

See link below for more information including British Sign Language accessible version:

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