Rural Crime

The impact of rural crime can be devastating. It can lead to people losing their livelihoods and it can affect whole communities. Rural crime is also often unreported, so many people don’t get the support they’re entitled to after experiencing crime of this nature.

Rural crime can impact you in several ways:

  • Financial impact – you may have financial worries due to loss of livelihood, the cost of replacing equipment or introducing security measures, or increased insurance premiums.
  • Emotional impact – your sense of safety may be compromised or you may feel anxious and uneasy. You may also experience feelings of vulnerability or fear.
  • The crime may also affect your family. You might find you don’t want to worry them so feel you can’t talk to them about the impact it has had on you.
  • You may feel angry or upset this has happened to you.

Although the financial cost of rural crime can have a big impact on victims, the emotional cost of dealing with this type of crime can also take its toll. You don’t have to face rural crime alone. We can help you.

Visit the below link for more information on Rural Crime and how we can help you.

Rural crime - Victim Support

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